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I’d like to extend a warm ‘welcome’ to those who are visiting our site for the first time (in other words, a ‘welcome’ to you all since our sites new and I’m sure it’s your first time!).  We are pleased to have you. 

For some brief blog introductions –

who we are…

First, foremost, and above all else – at Northwest Cadence, we value integrity, excellence, and out-of-the-box thinking.  These values make us who we are; chart our course, if you will.  I don’t believe one can create a company culture, but one can certainly influence it.  I’m thrilled to have had the chance to influence our culture by choosing to start our business off with a rock-solid, kick butt, call home to mama ’cause I’m so proud of ’em team that thinks smart, works hard and (here’s the kicker) lives by values that align with our culture.   For some of you, this may be a lot of soft, mushy talk, and you’re (of course) welcome to skip ahead.  But, I’ve chosen to have this be the top topic on my first blog for those of you who are interested in what’s behind the scenes, what we’re made of, who we are.  After all, it’s paramount to the way we work with you, our customers, partners, and friends.  

 …now, for what we do!  

As you likely gathered from our website, Northwest Cadence is a Microsoft partner and we’re deeply committed to VSTS.  In fact, we’re Microsoft’s largest Northwest partner focusing exclusively on VSTS/ALM and all things related.  Our specialization ensures we stay deep in the technologies, agile in our approach, and responsive to our customers (all super critical things, am I right?!).  I’m pleased as punch to be part of such an excellent team and to have the opportunity to work with you – our fantastic customers and partners. 

So, you’re past experience with folks from our team means you have high expectations?  Bring ’em on!  We wouldn’t have it any other way!  We’re looking forward to lots of joint successes in many years to come.

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