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To start off my inaugural post for Northwest Cadence, I am announcing the Second Edition of my book Pro Visual Studio Team System with Database Professionals. You can buy a copy of it at Amazon (Pro Visual Studio Team System with Database Professionals). It’s important to note that the only real change is the addition of a hundred pages related just to database professionals.

When we thought about updating the entire book for Orcas we decided the timing wasn’t right. There have been so many changes in terms of Power Tools, third party add-ons and SP1 for both client and server that it was too much to do without including all of the changes for Orcas. If we did that we would have had to delay the book for about six months.

The next book we’ll be working on is for Rosario which we should be beginning work on shortly. I hope you enjoy the added material as this is the only book which has this information all in once place!

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