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Removing Barriers for Adopting Iterative Development

By: James Tupper

Northwest Cadence has spent the past several years studying patterns. Our focus is to measure the cadence of your software development and work together to make it flow even better. Make it faster. Make it more reliable. And, ultimately, make your business better. For some, what makes a business flow better is the adoption of iterative development.

For many, however, determining what is not working and how to take those first steps to improvement is the biggest barrier. We’ve heard it over and over – where do we begin? Knowing where to start is sometimes the hardest thing.

And so we decided to address that. To follow is the first of a 5-part series that will tackle the subject of improving your development environment if you are considering adopting iterative development principles.

With that, I want to introduce the first of five posts.

Part 1 – Achieving a reliable cadence: How having a steady and reliable release cadence is important for the adoption of iterative development.

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