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If you’re reading this blog today, get off your computer and head over to the Seattle Team System User Group meeting, tonight, at the Microsoft Redmond Campus!

Here are some details!  Our own Jeff Levinson from Northwest Cadence is headlining this months presentation, and he’ll be covering Team System for the Database Professional, and doing demos in the newly released VS2008!

Date and Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm on Wednesday Nov 28, 2007

Topic: Visual Studio for the Database Professional using Visual Studio Team System 2008

Location: MS Redmond Campus – Building 118- Room Mt. Si

Click here for a map of the location.

Meeting Leader: Kiran Subhedar

Speaker: Jeff Levinson (from NW Cadence)

Click here to register for the event

Database Professionals allows you to write repeatable unit tests for your database with help from the data generator. In this meeting I will show you how to write unit tests and use data generation to ensure a consistent database experience free from bugs! We will also look at how you can use data generation independently of unit testing to help generate generic data instead of using sensitive production data! This will include a look at some of the new features of the DB Pro Power Tools. We’ll finish off the night with a look at customizing the unit testing conditions and building your own data generator!

If you haven’t already registered, do so by clicking HERE! And while you are there, please do fill up the brief survey that will help fine tune the User Group to serve the community better! Survey! (It shouldn’t take you more than 1½  minutes)

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