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I have a quick question for folks out there who have some experience with Virtualization.  We’re planning on virtualizing the majority of our hardware, and so are looking for a good virtualization server.  We plan on moving our TFS to a fully virtualized environment, as well as SharePoint, Exchange, etc.  We also work extensively with Beta releases of both operating systems and Visual Studio releases from Microsoft, and thus will need to spin up and drop multiple virtual servers easily.  Finally, we set up independent networks to test out various installs of TFS and Visual Studio, and test out strategies for backing up and restoring TFS / SharePoint in various configurations.  Thus the need for virtualization!

Dual quad-core Xeon chips with sufficient RAM seems like the obvious choice, but there are Opteron chips, too.  We’ll be running at least 3 production Windows Server 2003 installs, with additional 3-4 virtual servers (on occasion, for testing etc).  What type of server should we get?  Any recommendations?

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  • MikeAzocar

    Disk speed is as big an issue as Memory. You will need a good chunck of memory for your servers, but the faster your hardrives the better it is for your setup.

    You may also want to take a look at Virtual Machine Manager:
    It is a System Center product that helps you manage all of your environments.