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It’s official! Visual Studio 2013 is released today.

Steven, Dan, and I will be at the live launch event all day today in New York City, along with dozens of our awesome clients, Microsoft partners, and friends (those sets overlap). I’m eager to see whether last year’s purple extravaganza will repeated or—hard to imagine—topped.

We’re looking forward to the keynote, featuring S. Somasegar, Scott Guthrie, and Brian Harry, and in the afternoon, in-depth sessions with those luminaries plus Scott Hanselman. If you don’t have a ticket to New York, don’t worry—the keynote’s streaming live online, and you can get all the announcements via social media, even engage with Microsoft product experts via live chat to learn all the details.

“Launch”: an outdated concept, but still a great excuse to party

Now, in reality, it’s 2013 and we don’t wait for software to be shrink-wrapped, shipped, and stocked on store shelves anymore. (Neither do our customers, which is why modern ALM is so important for delivering continuous value, about which more in a moment.) If you’re a power user of Visual Studio or TFS, chances are you already checked out the Preview edition when it was announced with a Go-Live license at //build/ in June, or the RC on September 9, or perhaps participated in the Upgrade Weekend September 13-15, or finally caved and picked up the RTM when it went online at midnight New Zealand time on October 18. We’ve been successfully upgrading our customers all this time—our first was two days after Preview—with excellent results. These days, with the early releases fully supported, why wait to get your hands on new features?

If you’ve already upgraded, you get to spend the launch event celebrating, maybe showing off your early-adopter knowledge of the new features… though you can be sure Soma and the others will still have plenty of surprises up their sleeves. After all, with continuous delivery of new value to Visual Studio Online, and the same quarterly on-prem update cadence they started with Visual Studio 2012, a bunch of NEW new features are just a few weeks away!

ALM case study rock stars

Today’s event is extra-special for Northwest Cadence, as one of our favorite clients will be front-and-center sharing their ALM success story, and the remarkable strides they’ve made over the last few years with Visual Studio, TFS, and agile. I’ve personally worked extensively with them. I’m darned proud, and thrilled that they’ll get to show the world what they and their teams have accomplished. Tune in to find out who it will be!

Want to know more? Ready to get started?

As we did in 2012, Northwest Cadence has already produced a whole series of videos showcasing the new features in Visual Studio 2013 Preview. In the days to come, we’ll blog more about the latest application lifecycle management trends and how Visual Studio 2013 supports continuous delivery of value for your teams and, most importantly, your customers. This is where you find your organization’s edge.

If you’re ready to make a move to Visual Studio 2013—from an earlier edition or a different tool entirely—my colleagues and I, that’s what we do. Contact us to get the process started!

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